How Long Does it Take for Walk-In Tubs to Fill and Drain?

Here’s a popular question about walk-in tubs and spa bathtubs:

“I’ve heard that one of the main negative features of a walk-in tub is the amount of time it takes to fill it up, and then drain it when you are done bathing. How long does it take for walk in tubs to fill up, and also drain?”

There are a number of factors that impact the fill time and drain time, including the size, age and quality of the existing plumbing; water pressure at your home and the size of the walk-in tub.

Bathtub Filling Time:
The main factors that will affect how long it takes for your walk-in tub to fill are home water Ella's Walk-In Tub Perspectivepressure and the size of the walk-in tub. Typically, it will take a few minutes to fill, but, naturally, it depends on the tub size. One precaution prior to purchasing a walk-in tub? Your water heater should be a minimum size of 40 gallons for a standard-sized tub, and larger for larger tubs. When purchasing a walk-in or spa bathtub, be sure to ascertain the exact number of gallons the tub will hold when full.

Bathtub Drain Time:
Typically, if your tub now drains at a reasonable pace, your walk in tub will as well. Usually it will take 2 to 4 minutes for the tub to drain if the tub is installed correctly and existing drain lines operate properly.

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Aging in Place Bathroom Design Tips for Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb and Cobb County Residents

Are you freely able to move about your metro Atlanta or north Georgia home today, as Grab-Bars-Vertical-Bar-at-Faucet-Atlanta-Installationeasily as you were able to, years ago? For many 55+ and senior homeowners in Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb and Cobb County homes, it has become difficult to navigate stairs and bathrooms due to aging or due to a disabling illness. Let’s consider some aging in place bathroom design tips as solutions!

Out of Date and Inconvenient Bathrooms
Most bathrooms in the home today do not have aging in place bathroom design features; rather, they are equipped with the standard height toilet, a vanity with cabinets underneath, the traditional bathtub with side wall and a shower stall that has a raised curb. While these may have been very easy to access and convenient for many years, they now often present an accessibility obstacle for the 55+ senior, or an individual with a disability or illness.

Popular Aging in Place Bathroom Design Projects

Aging in place bathroom design remodeling projects now being done in Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb and Cobb County homes normally includes a 60-inch wheelchair or scooter turning radius, grab bars, a roll under vanity, a walk in tub or roll-in shower, accessible pull-out storage to provide accessibility and safety for the homeowner.

Are you wondering how to incorporate some aesthetically pleasing designs into your projects? If so, the NAHB Aging-In-Place Design Checklist might be suited to your needs.

In-home Aging in Place Bathroom Assessments

Atlanta Home Modifications has had the pleasure of performing many home assessmentsaging in place walk in tub bathroom spa roll-in shower Jacuzzi to evaluate home bathrooms and recommend aging in place bathroom tips and ideas for remodeling in order to make the bathroom more accessible. We recommend many basic aging in-place bathroom upgrades such as:

1. Adding handrails and grab bars
2. Addition of a luxurious spa tub 
3. Install a walk in bathtub
4. Redesign of a shower to enable an individual to roll into the shower
5. Shower with seat, light and adjustable/handheld shower head with 6-foot hose
6. Addition of accessible storage 
7. Addition of a comfort height toilet two and half inches higher than standard toilet
8. Wall-hung sink with knee space and panel to protect user from pipes
9. Slip-resistant flooring in bathroom and shower

Aging in Place Bathroom Design Tips from Atlanta Home Modifications

Atlanta Home Modifications offers aging in place bathroom design tips to help you make your home more accessible as you age, or in the event you are struggling with an illness or progressive disease that has impaired your mobility. Whether you live in Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb or Cobb County, our design consultant is available to visit your home to perform an in home assessment to offer aging in place bathroom design tips and strategies. Preventative measures to help 50+ seniors and elderly Atlanta residents stay safe include home modifications such as wheelchair ramps for homes, straight and curved stair lifts, and roll-in shower and walk-in bath installations.

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Safe & Accessible Roll-in Showers and Walk-in Bath Tubs

Accessible Roll-in Showers and Walk-in Bath Tubs
Father in wheelchair with family
Proper bathing and showering facilities in our homes are essential amenities for safe and peaceful living. Equally as important is the ability to easily access these facilities. At certain times in life, due to an accident or illness, it may become difficult to get in and out of a traditional tub or showers—that is when it is time to consider a bathroom remodel that offers an accessible walk-in tub or roll-in shower.

Curbless Accessible Roll-in Shower
Curbless accessible showers are easier to get in and out of than the conventional shower with a curb. People with mobility challenges can more safely walk in or transfer into a barrier free shower with a wheelchair or transfer with a transfer bench to a built in seat.

Retrofitting a Bathroom Floor to Accommodate a Roll-In Shower
There are many design options available for retrofitting a bathroom to accommodate the construction of a barrier free shower. Design options include the use of a low threshold shower unit or custom made shower, creating a safe, independent and convenient alternative to a traditional bath tub. If a standard shower unit does not fit, a custom shower base, shower pan, and walls can be designed to fit your bathroom.

Walk-In Tubs Offer Many Features
Bathtubs offering an easy, safe and pleasant bathing experience are now available with walk-in doors, along with many product options including a built-in seat, jetted spray, hydrotherapy and whirlpool systems, in-line heater, slip resistant AquaCareBathfloor and a low step for easy access. Accessible roll-in showers and walk-in bath tubs solve mobility challenges for many people with disabilities in the Atlanta area. We serve the entire Metro Atlanta area including the Georgia counties of Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, DeKalb, Forsyth, and Hall.


For more information, contact Atlanta Home Modifications. Financing options may be available, along with other accessibility and mobility equipment such as stair lifts. For additional information or an in-home assessment by a qualified accessibility bathroom design consultant, call us at 770.880.3405.

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Tips & Ideas for Aging in Place Home Remodeling for the Bathroom

Aging in place home remodeling has become very popular as an ever-growing portion of jacuzzi_walk-in_tub_Atlanta_GA_accessibilitythe population fits the Senior 55+ description. Aging in place home remodeling for the bathroom space requires special consideration. For example, consider strategically placed grab bars — you might be surprised at how useful they are for friends and family members of all ages. Another consideration is a walk in tub or roll in shower. Which would you prefer?

Advantages of a Walk-In Tub Over a Roll-In Shower

The walk-in tub provides a pleasant soaking experience, similar to a regular bathtub. Equipped with aging in place safety features such as an anti-slip bottom, grab bars and a bench seat, the walk-in tub offers the best safety options with the highest level of bathing experience for the mobility impaired individual. For those who cannot stand for long periods, the walk-in bathtub allows easy access to bathing. A final advantage of a walk-in tub over a roll-in shower is the relaxing bathing experience found in the tub. Many walk-in tubs are available with multiple spray jets, digital temperature and thermostatic controls, and hydrotherapy — perfect as part of a home remodeling for the bathroom.

If you are considering a home remodeling project to upgrade your home to be better prepared for your senior years, Sam Clark, builder and author of “The Real Goods Independent Builder: Designing & Building a House Your Own Way” and “Remodeling a Kitchen“, has the following suggestions. Remodel your home to include:

  • Ground level living with a minimum of a bedroom, bath and kitchen on the first flooraging in place home remodeling for the bathroom
  • Widen doorways to 32-inch to accommodate a wheelchair, which requires a 60-inch turning radius
  • One level entry, preferably at the front, with a no-barrier door threshold
  • Plan for the future, by providing such things as wall reinforcement for future grab bars, electrical conduit and a shaft for an elevator if anticipated, etc.
  • Storage in the “optimal reach zone” — the space between 20 inches and 44 inches above the floor to a depth of 20 inches away from your body. Use drawers instead of cupboards for easy slide-out access to all of the stored objects.
  • Lever handles at all doors, electrical outlets higher than normal and switches lower than normal
  • Non-skid flooring with either hard floors or low-pile carpet

Aging In Place Home and Bathroom Remodeling Experts

For more information about walk-in tubs and roll-in showers as part of an aging in place home remodeling for the bathroom, contact the experts at Stair Lifts Atlanta / Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC. We will visit you in metro Atlanta or north Georgia, evaluate your home, and provide design and pricing information. The areas we serve include Athens, Atlanta, Gainesville, Buford, Canton, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Cartersville, Douglasville, Newnan, LaGrange, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, McDonough and Stockbridge. Contact us today at 770.880.3405.


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