Aging in Place Bathroom Design for Cobb County Homes

A well designed accessible bathroom is unquestionably a great asset to those who suffer from mobility issues in Cobb County. To be able to maneuver with ease through the potential hazards and challenges of a bathroom setting is certainly not something to be AquaCareBathtaken for granted. So how does one decide which aging in place bathroom design is the best?

Accessible bathrooms can provide a number of specific areas of help. Grab bars are inexpensive and easy to install and offer instant stability and support. Non-slip shower and bathroom surfaces give extra traction to prevent falls.

Some of the additional aging in place bathroom design tips for Cobb County homes include:

  • Hand held showers and a variety of tub benches give the user control and greater security during use.
  • A roll-in shower makes moving from a wheelchair to the shower a seamless transition.
  • Walk-in bathtubs have a low step entry into a luxurious therapeutic bathing experience.
  • Door enlargement provides ample room for a wheelchair to pass through.
  • Roll-under sinks allow for knee clearance and insulate from potentially hot pipes fixtures.
  • Accessible toilets come in different heights to match the specific needs of the user.

Enjoy the confidence of greater safety in moving around your Cobb County home by choosing an aging in place bathroom design suited to your specific needs. For additional information, or a free in home assessment for accessible bathroom remodeling needs, please contact Atlanta Home Modifications via the contact form below, or by telephone at 770.880.3405.

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Best Aging in Place Bathroom Design for Atlanta Homes

Increasing numbers of disabled and elderly Atlanta residents are opting to remain independent by remodeling their existing home, thereby taking advantage of the many wonderful aging in place bathroom designs which create safe, accessible and functional space.

Some notable features of aging in place bathroom designs include the following: kp tub

  • Grab bars, both horizontal and vertical, are often the first mobility tool implemented. They are practical, easy to install and add a great deal of reassurance concerning bathroom safety.
  • Roll-under and wall-mounted sinks provide easy access for wheelchair users, and offer such benefits as insulated pipes and hot-and-cold water moderation options.
  • Accessible toilets come in a variety of heights and styles, to make use much simpler and safer.
  • Doorway widening is also immensely practical, as this allows a wheelchair or scooter to glide easily, without bumps and potential hazards, in and out of the bathroom entryway. This is either accomplished through the removal of the door and enlargement of the door frame itself, or by putting an offset hinge on the existing door to facilitate more space.

If you are trying to determine the best aging in place bathroom design option for your Atlanta home, contact Atlanta Home Modifications for an in-home assessment today, via the contact form below or by telephone to 770.880.3405.

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Your Home Assessment for a Walk-In Tub or Spa Bath is a Necessity

People often ask, is an in-home assessment important and necessary before I can get pricing estimates on a walk-in bathtub or spa bath? Many aging in place bathroom remodelers attempt to give detailed information and price quotes over the phone without meeting you, seeing your home, or performing a home assessment. Steer clear! It is necessary to do an in-home assessment prior to specifying equipment and providing prices.

Different models of walk-in tubs and spa baths vary in pricing, due to the size, featuresIn home assessment Atlanta for walk in tubs spa baths and quality. A “soaker tub” with no jets will cost less than one with air jets and hydrotherapy. An in-home assessment is necessary in order to determine the type of tub appropriate for you and your home.

Factors that impact the walk in tub installation may complicate the installation and impact the price. Installation not only involves plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work; new finishes may be required such as flooring, tile or paint.

The bathroom remodeling design consultant has the expertise you need to solve all of the details to create an attractive space that functions well. For more information about bathroom remodeling including walk-in tubs, spa bathtubs and roll-in showers in metro Atlanta or north Georgia, please contact us by telephone at 770-880-3405.