What are Walk-In Bathtub Air Jet & Water Jet Hydrotherapy Systems?

If you are shopping for a walk-in tub or spa bathtub, you may be wondering, “What are walk-in bathtub “air jet” & “water jet” hydrotherapy systems?” 

Here is a very straightforward answer:

Water-jet Hydrotherapy System: 

A water-jet system uses a water pump to produce massaging streams of water. The AquaCareBathwater-jet system will produce a more concentrated massage. A hydro-massage system with back jets can provide a nice, relaxing back massage while bathing, helping to ease muscle pain and increase flexibility.

Air-jet Hydrotherapy System:

An air-jet system will blow warm air into the water creating a light hydrotherapy massage, generating thousands of tiny air bubbles, preheated to a temperature comfortable for you. Typically, the air jet and hydro systems are equipped with controls to adjust both the air and water jet systems to allow users to increase and decrease water pressure or air coming out of the jet system. The popular deep soaker tub offers a complete system with hydro and air massage for a luxurious bathing experience.

Dual Massage Hydrotherapy Walk In Spa Tub Warranty

The dual massage hydrotherapy walk in spa tubs we offer come standard with a warranty lifetime-warranty-badgethat covers the door seal, spa frame, fiberglass shell, and lifetime workmanship and labor, providing the peace of mind you need to feel confident that your investment is a one time purchase promising reliability and durability with excellent customer service.

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