Is a Walk-in Bathtub or an Accessible Shower My Best Choice?

Accessible bathrooms are designed to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of any elderly individual, or person with a disability, who wishes to live independently in his own home. When considering upgrading a bathroom, how does one decide which is the best choice, a walk-in bathtub or an accessible shower?

Walk-in bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners in the Atlanta Shower Installation - Schrader - 2and north Georgia and ideal for even moderately mobile users. Specific features include:

  • An average 4” step into the tub, which is much more convenient than a standard tub
  • Comfortable, accessible seat
  • Deep muscle hydrotherapy, great for home rehab programs
  • Non-slip floor and seat surface

Accessible showers are much safer and highly recommended for those who are more restricted in their mobility. These are characterized by:

  • Shower floor at the same level as that of the bathroom
  • Curb-less showers to allow smooth, safe transfer from wheelchair or walker to shower chair
  • Generous sizing to accommodate users who require assistance
  • Slip-proof textured base

Given these distinguishing features, your choice of a walk-in bathtub or accessible shower is largely dependent on the abilities of the primary user.

Hydrotherapy therapy soothes and relaxes sore muscles.

Hydrotherapy therapy soothes and relaxes sore muscles. for example, has designed walk-in tubs that “… incorporate the therapeutic benefits and luxury of a whirlpool tub, with the safety, accessibility and simplicity of a walk-in bath. Perfect for those with limited mobility who wish to enjoy the freedom of living comfortably at home.” A well designed, accessible bathroom will be a great experience for the independent Atlanta or north Georgia homeowner!

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For additional information regarding walk-in tubs and accessible showers in the Atlanta metro area and north Georgia, please contact Atlanta Home Modifications by telephone at 770 880 3405.

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