Aging In Place Design = Wise Investments + Aging With Dignity

Now universally considered an essential design strategy, aging in place home design has many benefits. Beginning with the wisdom of investing your home dollars in a home that will last for many years, to the value of being able to age in your home whether in Atlanta, Marietta, Athens or Macon, with dignity; and finally having the freedom to be mobile and AquaCareBathretain a lifestyle you value —incorporating aging in place design strategies is simply smart. With the benefits of wise investments, aging with dignity, preserving your freedom and mobility – aging in place design simply makes sense.

An excellent article from Next Avenue highlights the topic, ‘8 Things to Consider Before Remodeling to Age in Place.’ Addressing everything from stair lifts to walk in tubs, the article covers the ‘ins and outs’ of one-floor design vs. elevator, no-step entry, widened doors, pocket doors, stair lifts, walk-in tubs, built in shower seats and glass shower doors.

More and more people are choosing to age in place rather than move to an assisted living community in Atlanta, Marietta, Athens or Macon. Converting your house to one which is safe and accessible can be time consuming, but there are many options available which will make a significant difference.  The first place to start is to have an aging in place home assessment to assist with stair lift, ramp or other mobility equipment selection.

Straight and Curved Stair Chair Lifts Prices

Regarding chair lifts, says that the stair lift is one of the most common Woman in stair lift - Atlanta, Gwinnettpieces of aging-in-place equipment… The most basic straight chair lift (the kind that runs straight up and down) costs about $3,000, installed. Custom curved units for stairs, that have turns and landings, can run as high as $12,000. While glides with seats can be a godsend for people with heart conditions or bad knees, they are not ideal for people with bad hips or who have difficulty sitting or balancing in a seated position. A perch stair lift, or standing lift, will be required for these people.

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